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Plasma in outer space
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In this bytes video get to know about plasma, how and why it is considered to be the fourth state of matter. Also find out about plasma in outer space.

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  1. Plasma in Outer Space

  2. In the early times of the universe, everything w s plasma. At the present time, stars, nebulae, and interstellar space are filled with plasma. -

  3. Energy High Low Solid Liquid Gas Plasma Temperature High Low Plasma is the word given to the fourth state of matter

  4. Low Energy High Solid Liquid Gas Plasma Low Temperature High A plasma is a gas that is so hot that some or all its constituent atoms are split up into electrons and ions, which can move independently of each other. Plasmas have properties very unlike those of solids, liquids, or gases and are considered a distinct state of matter.

  5. Unlike gases, under the influence of a magnetic field, plasmas may have some structure, such as layers, beams and filaments. Plasmas are a collection of conductive charged particles

  6. Because they are made up of electrically charged particles, plasmas can be strongly influenced by electrostatic and electromagnetic fields and forces, which can lead to very complex and interesting behaviour.

  7. Plasmas are found throughout the Solar System and beyond: in the solar corona and solar wind, in the magnetospheres of the Earth and other planets, in tails of comets, in the inter-stellar and inter-galactic media and in the accretion disks around black holes.