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What is a landslide?
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In this bytes video get to know about landslides, how they are caused and what are the factors that lead to landslides.

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jatin, would you continue with your valuable Hindu editorial analysis or is it finished now ?
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2 years ago
From tomorrow
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SIR , what about daily hindu news analysis. 18, 19 th june as well
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Can amyone plz tell me that do v have to read 2nd ARC report thoroughly or we can skip it
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Sir what would be the probable cut of this year of upsc 2017
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In an article somone argured that linking of pancard with aadhar card is voliation of fundamental law of equality.How?? pls explain with example.I'm totally confused.
Kunwar prabhakar
2 years ago
SiR pleAsE includE neWS FRom indian Express piB anD livEmiNt
Sri Abi
2 years ago
@ arvind i dnt knw hw its linked with right to equality but i think its under art 21 which is right to life and personal liberty. this art covers right to privacy . some one pls correct me if i am wrong
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Thanks mam for this information.
Explain Bharat stage IV, V, VI
  1. Landslides

  2. Landslides have always been there on our planet. Landslides are generally classified as mass movements of rock, debris, and soil down a slope of land


  4. Water can trigger landslides as it alters the pressure within the slope, which leads to slope instability.

  5. Natural Causes: Earthquakes Heavy Rainfall

  6. Human causes of Landslides Clear cutting

  7. Human causes o Landslides: Mining