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What is Pax Romana?
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In this video learn about what is Pax Romana, and who succeeded in bringing in this change in the Roman Empire.

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Maam what is the difference between asteroids and meteroids are they both placed between the mars and Jupiter?
Dr Swasti Sinha
8 months ago
@anumehaverma Asteroid: a large rocky body in space, in orbit around the Sun. Meteoroid: much smaller rocks or particles in orbit around the Sun. Meteor: If a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere and vaporizes, it becomes a meteor, which is often called a shooting star. Meteorite: If a small asteroid or large meteoroid survives its fiery passage through the Earth’s atmosphere and lands on Earth’s surface, it is then called a meteorite. Another related term is bolide, which is a very bright meteor that often explodes in the atmosphere. This can also be called a fireball.
Anumeha Verma
8 months ago
so like asteroids.. meteroids also placed in the orbit between mars and Jupiter?
Dr Swasti Sinha
8 months ago
yes..both are placed in the same region known as asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter..
Anumeha Verma
8 months ago
Thank u maam
Dr Swasti Sinha
8 months ago
Video is informative but hindi translation can b better.
Thankyou So Much For Making in Hindi.
  1. What is Pax Romana

  2. And it happened between the accession of Caesar Augustus, founder of the Roman principate, and the death of Marcus Aurelius.

  3. During this period of approximately 206 years (27 BC to AD 180), the Roman empire achieved its greatest territorial extent.

  4. Pax Romana is known to have its first record record in a writing by Seneca the Younger in 55 AD.

  5. The Pax Romana began when Octavian defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatrya in the Battle of Actium on 2 September 31 BC.

  6. The Pax Romana was not immediate, despite the end of the civil wars. Augustus closed the Gates of Janus

  7. Augustus' challenge was to persuade Romans that the prosperity they could achieve in the absence of warfare was better for the Empire than the potential wealth and honor acquired when fighting a risky war

  8. Roman trade in the Mediterranean increased during the Pax Romana. Romans benefited from large profits and incomes in the Roman empire were raised due to trade in the Mediterranean.