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Why is Europa whistling?
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In this video get to know a strange yet really interesting phenomenon of what causes moons of some planets to hum.

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  2. Researches have shown that the moons of Jupiter hum and researchers are trying to find out why.

  3. Discovery of whistler, radio waves coming from two of the moons GANYMEDE CALLISTO I o 0 EUROP A

  4. GFZ GERMAN RESEARCH CENTRE FOR GEOSCIENCES A team led by the German Research Centre for Geosciences, have been 'listening' to these rhythmic echos and they described them as 'Jupiter's wave environment'. And it has been found that the 'whistle' coming from them was over 1 million times as intense as other moons and planets in the vicinity.

  5. Jupiter's magnetic field is huge It's kind of a mini solar system, where you have objects similar to planets that live in the magnetic field of Jupiter similar to planets that live in the magnetosphere of the sun.

  6. Van Allen radiation belts

  7. 30 8000 20 6000 10 N 4000 0 2000 10 0 0355:28 0355:29 0355:30 0355:31 0355:32 0355:33 0355:34 Time (HHMM:SS) The astronomers used data from NASA's now defunctional Galileo space probe, which explored Jupiter and its moons from 1995 to 2003

  8. These magnetic fields would fight against the massive magnetic field of Jupiter, providing an interesting environment completely different from the interactions between the magnetic fields of Earth and the Sun. Source: Space Answers