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How dangerous are icebergs?
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In this video learn about why icebergs are dangerous and how several scientific bodies were established to study and monitor the icebergs.

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  1. How dangerous are icebergs?

  2. The shape of the underwater portion can be difficult to judge by looking at the portion above the surface. Tip of the iceberg

  3. The altitudes of the tips of icebergs typically range from 1 to 75 metres above sea level. The largest known iceberg in the North Atlantic was 168 metres above sea level.

  4. The area known as Iceberg Alley lies off the coast of Newfoundland, almost precisely where the Titanic went down. Fourteen passenger liners sank there between 1882 and 1890

  5. INTERNATIONAL CE PATROL The international Ice Patrol, formed in 1914 in response to the April 1912 sinking, of the Titanic

  6. Before the early 1910s, there was no system in place to track icebergs to guard ships against collisions, most likely because they weren't considered a serious threat as ships had managed to survive even direct crashes.

  7. The International Ice Patrol sends out flights of C-130 Hercules aircraft to find icebergs. They also collect ice-sighting data from ships in the area. Al 20 U.S. AIR FORCE oose OHIO AIR GUARD