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What we eat changes the climate.
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In this video get to know the shocking effect of what you eat on the climate.

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After watching dr. Mahipal singh video all other videos are bakwas
Sunil Singh
4 months ago
Ayushi, Watch this industrial revolution chapter again in other course that is Revolution's in World history.. Hope that would fulfill your aspiration..
Nisha tiwary
3 months ago
ayushi can u say who is dr. mahipal singh want to watch his video
Nisha tiwary
3 months ago
couldnt understnd anythng wrld history
mam i don't know about this its very helpful thank you mam please provide more information about this topic.
mam plz iske bare me aur bhi vidieo banaiye
intrasting video thank you mam
  1. What we put on our plates really matters a lot.

  2. Our food, from what we eat to how it is grown - accounts for more carbon emissions than transport


  4. Did you know that food systems account for roughly V4 of all manmade greenhouse gas emissions?

  5. One quarter of all manmade greenhouse gas emissions is a huge number and it's more than the entire transportation sector, more than all industrial practices.

  6. Between 1980 and 2008, for instance wheat yields dropped rising temperatures. o and maize vieids Climate change threatens the food security of millions of poor people around the world

  7. Let's learn how much carbon pollution is produced by the food that you eat

  8. 330 gms of carbon

  9. 52 gms of carbon

  10. 40 gms or C

  11. Livestock accounts for approximately 14 of global greenhouse emissions The methane that livestock prod more potent than carbon dioxide