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102 lessons • 5h 38m

Overview of the Course (in Hindi)


The Mars One Project (in Hindi)

5m 39s

What are tornadoes? (Hindi)

4m 12s

What is NATO?

3m 50s

The silk Route

3m 00s

What are bioluminescent waves?

3m 41s

What does your DNA say about you?

4m 37s

What is a communicable disease?

3m 44s

The history of human civilizations

5m 12s

The birth of a revolutionary.

4m 34s

What is the Ring of Fire?

2m 36s

How does Fibre Optics work?

4m 24s

What is GDP?

3m 11s

What is Biomagnification?

4m 47s

The history of transport in India.

3m 41s

The death anniversary of a Nobel Laureate.

4m 08s

What is Myocardial Infarction?

4m 45s

The Kakori Train Conspiracy

3m 33s

What are Earth Spheres?

3m 56s

Why is Europa whistling?

3m 11s

The history and origin of vaccines.

3m 30s

National Highways in India.

3m 24s

What is Agglutination?

3m 10s

What is a landslide?

3m 38s

The Amazon Rainforest

3m 58s

How Solar Energy works?

2m 41s

Venezuela's inflation crisis

3m 16s

The Non-aligned Movement

3m 03s

Foundation of one of the most important reform movements

3m 05s

The foundation of a metro city happened today.

3m 03s

The Coriolis Effect

3m 30s

What is the NPT?

4m 02s

What we eat changes the climate.

4m 19s

A historic battle happened today.

4m 19s

The tearing down of Berlin wall

3m 20s

Why and how was the Great wall of China built?

3m 30s

Why is our blood red in colour?

3m 10s

The Pallava Dynasty

3m 47s

The IST was introduced today

3m 46s

What is Neurogenesis?

3m 06s

What is Pax Romana?

3m 20s

Effects of Ultraviolet on humans

4m 48s

The Gupta Dynasty

4m 32s

How massive is our Milky Way?

3m 35s

The Chera Dynasty

3m 03s

The attack on Pearl Harbor

4m 11s

The Satavahana Dynasty

3m 28s

The Delhi Sultanate

4m 24s

The Korean War

3m 31s

What is the Photoelectric effect?

1m 41s

What is Gluten?

3m 42s

Is the Great Barrier Reef dead?

3m 16s

What is Continental drift?

3m 23s

What is Green Building?

3m 17s

Why are most airplanes colored in white?

2m 32s

Do changes in weather make you sick?

2m 48s

What is Paleomagnetism?

3m 35s

What is Higgs Boson?

3m 22s

How do sunspots affect the earth?

2m 47s

What is Photoperiodism?

2m 44s

Why is white matter white and grey matter grey?

2m 10s

The Mongols

3m 09s

How does our immune system work?

3m 08s

What does your metabolism say about you?

3m 23s

Is China erasing its border with Hong Kong?

3m 27s

The Indian Territorial Army

3m 18s

The Outer Space Treaty

2m 53s

What is Radioactive decay?

3m 16s

What was the Industrial Revolution all about?

3m 29s

What is Hydraulic Fracturing?

3m 16s

What is temperature inversion?

3m 58s

What was the Haitian Revolution about?

3m 34s

The Pandyan Dynasty

3m 03s

What is Imperialism?

3m 02s

What is Nanotechnology?

3m 54s

Why did the League of Nations fail?

3m 08s

Geologic time scale

3m 55s

What is Phototropism?

2m 45s

How dangerous are icebergs?

3m 32s

What is Parasitic Nutrition?

3m 07s

How do Submarines work?

2m 59s

How to prevent soil pollution?

3m 03s

What caused the Asteroid Belt?

2m 36s

What is Hyperloop?

3m 02s

What is a comet?

2m 28s

The birth of a great scientist.

3m 01s

What is Adiabatic Lapse Rate?

3m 04s

What is Ocean Acidification?

1m 52s

The History of Paper

2m 24s

The large Hadron Collider

2m 52s

Plasma in outer space

2m 44s

What if there's no oxygen for 5mints?

3m 25s

The Chernobyl disaster

4m 06s

Why is conservation of water important?

2m 45s

The new definition of Kilogram

3m 20s

Are the islands of New Zealand coming together?

2m 25s

How do diamonds form?

3m 11s

Facts about underwater volcanoes.

2m 41s

Is the ocean floor dissolving away?

2m 45s

What are Pollymetallic Nodules?

2m 56s

What is Biological Contamination?

2m 46s

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