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A historic battle happened today.
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In this Bytes video get to know about the historic battle that took place between Alauddin Khilji and king Ratan Singh of Mewar before Chittorgarh got captured.

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  1. On 26th August 1303, Alauddin Khilji of the Khilji Dynasty attacked and captured Chittorgarh in a historic battle.

  2. Boundary of the Mongol Empire Tributary states SIA EUROPE MONGOL EMPIRE IN 1259-1260 Lahore . . Panipat Delhi Multan RUM Jodhpur, Hajipur Guwalior Gaur PERSIA Rchtasaganm Saranpur Ujjain ALI With Alauddin Khilji the Imperial PeriodAlauddin's first task was to suppres:s of the Sultanate of Delhi began. the rebellions and invasions from Mongol

  3. After a lot of invasions, Khilji turned his attention towards Chittorgarh in Mewar, Rajasthan, ruled by Ratan Singh.

  4. MEWAR Btt J O ERWAR BUN Mewar was one of the most powerful kingdoms of northwest India. WAR KOTA H EWAR SIROH NK DUNGARPUR Jhale BANSWARA 63.1 mils

  5. Alauddin Khilji got Ratan Singh to accompany him back to Delhi and kidnapped Ratan Singh.

  6. The queen along with the rest of the women folk decided to commit a form of suicide called Jauha r. This was done so that the women do not have to face violation by Khilji's army.

  7. Finally, Alauddin Khilji handed over Chittorgarh to his minor son Khizr Khan and a Muslim garrison positioned in the fort of Chittor