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Venezuela's inflation crisis
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In this Bytes video let's understand why Venezuela is going through the most crippling economic crisis.

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sir bhot maze aa rahe h income tax padh kr..bhot hi asan tareeke se apne concept btae..happy teachers day raghav sir god bless u always
Raghav Wadhwa
a year ago
Thanx alot bache :) Keep working hard and you can get anything that you want.
Thankyou So Much for Making in Hindi.
  1. Venezuela's inflation crisis

  2. This year will mark the third consecutive year of double-digit contractions in Venezuela's GDP. Venezuela's soaring inflation Annual inflation rate 2015 112% 2016 254% 2017* 2,400% 2018 3,250% 6,500% 975096 13,000% SOURCE IHF Projection

  3. Poverty has skyrocketed, unemployment will reach 30% and prices on all types of goods in the country will rise 13,000% this year, according to the IMF

  4. Top 10 Countries by Proven Oil Reserves (in Millions of Barrels) 300,878 266,455 169,709 158,400 142,503 101,500 97,800 80,000 48,363 39,230 Venezuela Saudi Canada Iran raq KuEia Libya USA Kuwait UAE Arabia

  5. $160 $140 The billions in oil revenue were used to finance food subsidies & social programs for the poo $120 $100 $80 $60 $40 $20 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015

  6. On the back of oil profits during the rule of Hugo Chavez, the price of key items, food and medicines were reduced to hel rate came down pt poor & the poverty

  7. Private companies were taken over by the socialist government, and to stop people from changing the national currency bolivars into dollars Tll E UNITED STATES (EAM ERICA. a ". L 05116188 A p 1 12 1 Lu 12 L 05116188 A

  8. $160 $140 But falling oil prices since 2014 have made it impossible to maintain the system of subsidies and price controls that functioned during the oil boom years. $120 $100 $80 $60 $40 $20 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015

  9. Food rations & government price controls have caused food to disappear fronm shops & only available on the black market at sky high prices. PDVAL PDVAL 3 2 PDVAL PASILLO PASILLO ODVA PDVAL PI AN

  10. Garzon The country is missing over 80% of essential medicines making patients consume the wrong medicines for their conditions. Many Venezuelans search for food, occasionally opting to eat wild fruit or rubbish.