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Why is conservation of water important?
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In this Bytes video understand how critical it is to conserve water and know about the reasons as to why we need to conserve water.

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Sir but as per Indian economy by Ramesh Singh 1.export segment of the economy benefits due to inflation 2.inflation makes trade balance favourable
Robins Kumar
3 years ago
Please clarify
Chaitanya Garg
3 years ago
Since, the value of money decreases with increase in inflation. The same amount of export will now fetch more money as it uses to earn during earlier times because as compared to foreign currency Indian currency is weaker. While profit earned by exporter will remain same or it will decrease. A weaker domestic currency stimulates exports and makes imports more expensive. Conversely, a strong domestic currency hampers exports and makes imports cheaper. So, 1st point seems right but in 2nd point trade balance seems to be affected.
New Kilogram Ke Bare Me Bataiye.
Thankyou So Much Mam.
  1. Why is conserv water important? in

  2. EARTH is covered in water 71 % percent of

  3. -97% of all the water on the earth is salt water, which is not suitable for drinking. Only 3% of all the water is fresh water, and only 1% is available for drinking. -2% of the available freshwater sources is locked in ice caps and glaciers.

  4. Even though water eventually returns to Earth through the water cycle, it's not always returned to the same spot, or in the same quantity and quality By reducing the amount of water we use and waste, we can better help against future drought years.

  5. Failing to conserve water can eventually lead to a lack of an adequate, healthy water supply, which can have drastic consequences in rising costs, reduced food supplies, health hazards, and political conflict.

  6. If we reduce our use of water, we conserve the energy required to process and deliver it to homes, business, farms, and communities, and this in turn reduces pollution and conserve fuel resources.

  7. Large amounts of water are required by firefighters, hospitals, gas stations, street cleaners, health clubs, gyms, and restaurants all require large amounts of water to provide services to the community