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What if there's no oxygen for 5mints?
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In this bytes video find out what would happen if the earth lost oxygen for five seconds.

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@Unacademy User : Keep it simple and clear. These two lessons will be more than enough for mains. For prelims read more about IPR related organisations, offices and roles. @SAURABH : I will keep a note of it. I am planning to cover important topics related to environment after my interview process gets over :)
  1. What if the earth runs out of oxygen for 5 seconds? 2

  2. Well the first thought that comes to your mind is we would die. Would you?

  3. Well the first thought that comes to your mind is we would die. Would you? We can all hold our breath for more than 5 seconds

  4. oxygen does play a crucial role is cellular respiration We all know that! But in the lack of oxygen the body would switch to alternate pathways which could help us survive.

  5. It would be really scary to drive vehicles. That's because the internal combustion engines our vehicles won't work with out oxygen.

  6. What if the oxygen is missing from water, ozone and other essential compounds?

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  8. WI water bodies which constitute about 70% of the Earth's surface would just be left with hydrogen atom. IF oxygen returned after 5 seconds, the reaction between the oxygen and hydrogen would cause high exothermic reactions.

  9. | 70% Even the living cells in our body contain a lot of water which would be reduced to just hydrogen gas, so we would probably just be lump of carbon, calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen WATER