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What is Parasitic Nutrition?
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In today's video learn about what is parasitic nutrition and the various types of it that exist.

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thank you mam but one question kya parasitic human body ke under hote hai?
  1. What is Parasitic Nutrition?

  2. Parasitic nutrition is a mode of heterotrophic nutrition where a parasitic organism lives on the body surface or inside the body of another type of organism or a host and gets nutrition directly from the body of the hos

  3. Parasites require nutrients to carry out essential functions including reproduction and growth.

  4. Endoparasites are parasites that live inside the body of the host. This group includes helminths, trematodes, and cestodes.

  5. Endoparasites Intercellular Intracellular

  6. Ectoparasites are parasites that live on the outer surface of the host and generally attach themselves during feeding.

  7. Ectoparasites do not have a readily available source of nutrients available on the outer surface of the host, so they need adaptations to access host nutrients.