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Is the ocean floor dissolving away?
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In this Bytes video learn about whether the sea floor is dissolving away and how this could affect the future

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  1. ls the sea floor dissolving away?

  2. Greenhouse gas emissions that are changing the planet's climate are also causing the seafloor to dissolve. In fact the ocean bottom is melting away faster in some places than others

  3. The ocean absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and acts like a carbon sink. That carborn acidifies the water. In the deep ocean, where the pressure is high, this acidified sea water reacts with calcium carbonate that comes ff m dead shelled creatures. Source:

  4. But with humans burning so much fossil fuel a lot of carbon has ended up in the ocean. NASA says about 48 percent of the excess carbon humans have pumped into the atmosphere has been locked away in the oceans.

  5. Solar energy Atmospheric Co Dissolved Co2 More carbon means more acidic oceans, which means faster dissolution of calcium carbonate on the seafloor. through photosynthesis produces organic matter Plankton uses to produce its limestone protection Carbonate. Organic ion matter Dead organisms sink to the bottom of the ocean Carbon storage by sedimentation

  6. The biggest hotspot was the western North Atlantic, where anthropogenic carbon is responsible for between 40 and 100 percent of dissolving calcium carbonate

  7. Scientists still don't have much idea about what this alteration in deep sea will mean for the creatures that live there