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What is Ocean Acidification?
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In this Bytes video find out what is Ocean Acidification and how does it happen. Also learn about how it affects food web in general.

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  1. What is Ocean Acidiication?

  2. Source: NOAA/PMEL uel CO2 crols on uptake gas exchange ice solubility cycle biological cycle mixed layer dynamicS upwelling OCEAN CARBON UPTAKE The reduction in the pH of the ocean over an extended period of time, caused primarily by uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere

  3. Since the industrial revolution, the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere has increased due to the burning of fossil fuels and land use change and this has been happening since two years.

  4. When CO2 is absorbed by seawater, a series of chemical reactions occur resulting in the increased concentration of hydrogen ions. This increase causes the seawater to become more acidic.

  5. Carbonate ions form a very important building block of structures such as sea shells and coral skeletons

  6. Certain fish's ability to detect predators is decreased in more acidic waters.