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Foundation of one of the most important reform movements
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In this Bytes video learn about the formation of Brahmo Samaj and why it was one of the most important reform movements of that time.

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  1. On 20th August 1828, the first session of Raja Ram Mohan Roy's Brahmo Samaj was held in Kolkata.

  2. Roy is known for his efforts to abolish sati and child marriage Roy was also an important figure in the Bengal Renaissance Movement often being called the Father of the Bengal Renaissance

  3. on by Raja Ram The Brahmo Samaj was founded in Kolkata on Mohan Roy and other Bengalis, in response to the prevailing Brahmanism at the time. 20th August in 1828 Mohan Roy and ati

  4. The Brahmo Samaj saw the beginning of the Bengal Renaissance in the 19th century which eventually laid the groundwork for the entire religious, social and educational advance in the Hindu Community.

  5. The core of the Brahmo Samaj was to understand that all human beings were related at a human level and hence no discrimination should be practiced, be at the level of caste, religion or gender.

  6. It was through the Brahmo Samaj that many social evils prevalent at that time were done away with, such as polygamy, untouchability, infanticide, purdah system and the discrimination against women