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What is Continental drift?
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In this bytes video learn about what is Continental drift, who came up with theories around it first and which theory is accepted.

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  1. Continental drift

  2. Continental Drift was a revolutionary scientific theory developed in the years 1908-1912 by Alfred Wegener.

  3. He is the one who came up with the hypothesis that about 240 million years ago the continents had all originally been a part of one enormous landmass or supercontinent. Now they broke apart and drifted to their current locations. A- NORTH MERICA EUROPE NORTH AMERICA ATLANTIC OCEAN AFRICA AFRICA IFIC OCEAN FIC INDE SOUTH AMERICA before after

  4. Older The Origins of Continents and Oceans

  5. His theory was an influential step in leading to the modern theory of plate tectonics.

  6. Fossil remains of Triassic otile Lystrosaurus

  7. North American Plate Juan Eurasian Plate de Fuca Plate Arabian Plate Philippine Sea Plate Pacific Indian Plate Caribbean Pacific Plate late Plate Cocos Plate African Plate South Nazca After Wegener's death advancements in technology led to the collection of new data which corroborated certain aspects of his theory.