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What is a comet?
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In this bytes video learn about what is a comet, how it got created and what are the various components of a comet.

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  1. WHAT ARE COMETS? Comets are made from the leftover material, namely lumps of leftover space debris, that formed the planets and make up the Solar System we know today.

  2. The Solar System was made by a huge cloud of gas and dust, which collapsed some 4.6 billion years ago.

  3. Some small lumps remained and became chunks of frozen gas and dust, living in the outer region of the Solar System where it's cold enough to make the frozen ices that give comets their tails.

  4. lon tail Comets have two major components Ice and dust Dust tail Coma with nucleus deep inside

  5. Ion Tail Hydrogen Envelop The nucleus of a comet is made up of dust and ice, and that's the entire comet when it's far out in the solar system Dust Tail Coma As it approaches the sun, the ice begins to take a gaseous form. Some of the dust is left to create a protective coating on the nucleus. Nucleus Comet's Orbit Sun

  6. Ion Tail Hydrogen Envelop In thinner areas, gases break though the dust forming a cloud called the co Dust Tail Coma ma Nucleus Comet's Orbit Sun

  7. Ion Tail Hydrogen Envelop Solar wind emitted by the sun blow:s the dust and gases into two tails. Dust Tail Coma Nucleus The dust tail is shorter and curved and made of dust particles. Comet's Orbit Sun