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The History of Paper
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In today's bytes video learn about the history of paper and how it first got invented and spread across the world.

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  1. The History of Paper

  2. Paper as we know it, was invented in China, AD 105

  3. Marco Polo

  4. In-751 the Chinese lost a battle in Turkistan on the banks of the Tharaz River. It was recorded that among the Chinese prisoners were skilled papermakers

  5. It has been conjectured that the first paper mill was established in Baghdad.

  6. Papermaking then spread to Damascus and to Egypt and Morocco. It took 500 years to find its way to Europe. By the end of the 10th century, paper had replaced parchment and papyrus in the Arab world.

  7. The Muslim conquest of Spain brought papermaking into Europe.

  8. It was only with the advent of printing in the middle of the 15th Century that the demand became greater. rS 20