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What was the Haitian Revolution about?
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In this Bytes video learn about what happened during the Haitian Revolution.

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  1. Haitian Revolution

  2. The Haitian Revolution was a successful anti-slavery and anti-colonial insurrection by self-liberated slaved against French Colonial rule in Saint Dominigue, now the sovereign nation of Haiti. 22 August 1791

  3. It was the only slave uprising that led to the founding of a state which was both free from slavery, and ruled by non-whites and former captives.

  4. ri Its effects on the institution of slavery were felt throughout the Americas. The end of French rule and the abolition of slavery in the former colony was followed by a successful defense of the freedoms they won, and, with the collaboration of free persons of color, their independence from white Europeans es

  5. Although the series of events during these years is known under the name of "Haitian Revolution," alternative views suggest that the entire affair was an assorted number of coincidental conflicts that ended with a fragile truce between free men of color and blacks.

  6. What was the effect of this revolution?

  7. An independent government was created in Haiti, but the country's society remained deeply affected by patterns established under French colonial rule

  8. Mulatto domination of politics and economics, and urban life after the revolution, created a different kind of two-caste society, as most Haitians were rural subsistence farmers.