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The history of transport in India.
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In this bytes video learn in a nutshell about the history and evolution of transport in India.

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ma'am aapse request h please daily news byte Hindi ko ek Baar aap dubara sune aapko nhi lagta h ki aap Google translate Ka prayog jyada hi Kar rahi Hain aap Kisi achhe Hindi jaankar ya speaker ko call Karke Hindi m is bytes ko banane ke liye
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  1. The History of Tr nsportation in India

  2. Bullock carts have been traditionally used for transport, especially in rural India.

  3. Walking has constituted a major form of transport in ancient times. This mode of transport has atways been a first for humans. HOME OF HER OWN

  4. Palanquins are also known as palkis or pallakiis. s or pallaKi was one of the luxurious methdds primarily use by the riha noblem for travelling and also to car y a deidol) of a God.

  5. The most verifiable version ofthe bic cle was first invented by a It almost took 70 years for the bicycle to reach India German Baron, Karl Von Drais in 18 1

  6. The earliest suggestion to build a railway in India was made in Madras in 1831 The first railway line running from Bombay to Thane was opened to traffic in 1853

  7. asitot The first motor bus route started on July 15, 1926, and ran between Afghan Church and Crawford Market, Mumbai.

  8. In 1897, the first car ran on an Indian road. Through the 1930s, cars were imports only, and in small numbers.

  9. The first bike commissioned in India was the 350 cc powered Bullet manufactured in England and assembled in Madras (now Chennai) by the Royal Enfield UK company in 1955. RES 50