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Why did early men paint caves?
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In this bytes video get to know about the different hypotheses behind why cave men use to paint the caves. Find out what kind of paintings symbolised what exactly.

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thanks ma'am Ma'am you haven't included single image or even single word about Bhimbetka cave painting..... Proud to be it is one of earliest on the earth.... in India
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  1. Cave painting of animals

  2. Why paint animals? Admiration (or worship) By painting a very strong beast, the humans pick up its strength Appreciation of herd instincts

  3. Often parts of people (hands, especially) appear in multiple groups and places within a single cave

  4. Occasionally, there are drawn images of whole people, but these are not as common.

  5. Small stone sculptures roughly contemporaneous with human imagery on the cave walls tend to combine h mans with strong animals (for example, cave lions). This leads to a theory that pictures of humans express both presence and power bt

  6. Art for 'art's sake'

  7. A cave in Bulgaria Cave art was the result or a tribes mystics documenting their spiritual journiey

  8. Many of the footprints found in caves were made by children, and the size of some of the hand stencils also match the size of a kids hand.

  9. Changing climate meant that many species could disappear. Cave art was an attempt to keep a record of species seen before, preserving the knowledge of them for when they returned.