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Biggest inventions of all times
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In this Bytes video get to know about some of the biggest inventions of all times and a brief history behind them.

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mam plzz complete this course as soon as possible...m totally depending on ur courses
It would be better if all inventions where in chronological order....
thanks. vid on ifrs international accounting standards
about the x-ray part : in 1897 it was the Greco-Turkish war not the Balkan war mam. The Balkan wars were fought in 1912 and 1913. Kindly pay attention to your facts cause it isn't the first time. Thanks
Unacademy Bytes
a year ago
FYI, X-rays were first discovered in late 1895 as mentioned in the video and they have been used since then in the Greco-Turkish, Russo-Japanese and Balkan wars. All facts stated in the video are correct.
Santanu Dey
a year ago
yes of course but you mentioned Balkan war being fought in 1897 which isn't the fact "FYI" that's what I meant
Ma'am try to include more information in slides as it will help in retaining the the names of inventor and time.
Thank you for the information about the important inventions in the world which changed the life style

  2. The oldest wheel known is from Mesopotamia, around 3500 B.C.

  3. The wheel serves a vital purpose in our lives, and we couldn't imagine the world without them

  4. THE COMPASS OUIOU nl ozio


  6. 0 Later in 1781, James Walt patenteljan improved steajn engine and went on to fu l one of the most momentous technological leapshuman history during the Industrial Revolution.


  8. One of the key ingredients of concrete is cement.


  10. FIRE

  11. Around 3400 B.C. bronze nails were found in Egypt. According to the University of Vermont, the hand - wrought nails were a norm until the 1790s and early 1800s.


  13. AM Antibiotics aoy and diversity c modern we

  14. THE X-RAY