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History of currencies
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In this bytes video learn about the interesting history of currencies and how their value evolved. Also find out about the different form of currency

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i dont understand how are particles of matter continuousoly moving is it needs to be ignited
Prakriti Bhonsle
2 years ago
Particles of matter possess kinetic energy so they are continuously moving. Conditions such as temperature and pressure are responsible for providing energy to the particles.
Kartik Shukla
a year ago
what is kinetic energy
make video on fani cyclone.
mam pleased provide enough information on whatever topic you discuss.... every topic you've discussed isn't enough and you can also see the same feedback in many comments...
a story on History of Journalism
a story on Marcus Aurelius
I want to know the principle of BULLET TRAIN working band reason for such a great speed..
Unacademy Bytes
2 years ago
Hi Vineel, a video on bullet train is already there in this course. Please check it out.
Vineel SAHU
2 years ago
oops!!!😢 am so sorry mam for my mistake and disturbing your time and really thank you so much for your kind response☺
Vineel SAHU
2 years ago
plzzz do accept my apology😢😢

  2. The unit of purchasing power A medium of exchange SIA BANK NEGARA MALAYS 50

  3. You have a barrel of rice

  4. You have a barrel of rice And you want to buy a cow

  5. But what if the barrel of rice you have is not sufficient to trade for a cow?

  6. That's exactly how currencies originated

  7. In barter system all other commodities that got traded were mostly perishable which means there is no value of those goods after they expire.

  8. Money or currencies allowW people to accumulate wealth.

  9. Commodity currency Coins Paper money Electronic currency 0 BANK NEGARA MA MALAYSIA 50

  10. The first coins were minted in Lydia, an ancient empire in the area of modern Turkey.

  11. An import nt e ffect of coins was that governments now Comtrolled the release of m ney into the market.

  12. benne Cred ityf-gesele innebafwanbe bars at fordra Tio Daler SolfwerMTynt/ohee warder af of Banco Director, Commilarier, Boothallare och Cafleurer hwar f r sigh och medi dhe egne andere Dn derstrtfft och Signeter attefterat; Safom och fil yercrmehre wisso mcdh dhe her tiff rord n Ocft rec od minore 1 ances giten verifierar, banna Stock- ) wer i Srockholms Banco fub No 996 2 holms Banco An. 166 0 cn AcSwedish bank issued paper mone in 166

  13. s0 50 The value of money is based on our perception of fits worth THE BANK OFENGLAND HIEF CASWIER HFTY POU