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Income inequality in India!
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Get to know some shocking facts and figure about the riding income inequality in India since the past few years.

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there is something new happening everyday in the banking sector, it was helpful to know the latest trends and news
not really! taxing the rich is a good populist measure which will have grave consequences for our country. Taxation structures should rather be liberalized so that corporate Taxation for Companies is reduced. India's direct tax revenues largely comprise of corporate taxes which are amongst the highest in the world. Taxing enterprises, and more importantly large enterprises will only lead to opportunity costs weighing in India's disappointments as in the new world order under President Trump, the developed countries are again finding renewed growth. India's problem isn't and shouldn't be economic inequality today as the inward growth dynamics of the country is such that the middle income people will constantly rise. today, India faces a major issue regarding growth and investments. What is important is wealth creation rather than wealth distribution as India has no firm industrial sector which would be the backbone of our economy. as much as thinking that 1% owns 73% of all wealth sucks, it's the truth we got to live with. It's the issue of government failing to get more capitalist policies that has led to the widening of historical divide in the country. While a section of youths are willing to do big and create a billion dollar empire, it's more often than not the already rich who have a real chance to make it. India has to create a free market economy. Have liberal economic stances, and start moving people out of agriculture. Let me explain another way, one unit of agriculture in India fetches as much as it does in most of Asian countries, actually better. The real issue is that the inputs to create that one unit of labor is so high that almost half of our population which is indulged into agro industry have any real disposable income left with them. The inputs are subsidized, meaning that while the inefficient fertilizer, seeds etc companies make profit it's the 1% tax payer who is paying for the subsidies. There is way more labor per unit in agriculture so basically, while one kg of wheat is sold at fair market value comparable to any other country, the mouths to feed from it are too many which inturn gives the economists an average return. For India to remove income inequality, it should first think about doubling the economy so that even there is enough wealth for 1.2 billion people to live in. Income inequality in a $5 trillion economy has much less actual suffering than in a $2.5 trillion economy since all the essentials of daily life have become very affordable and people look for new wants in the consumption hierarchy.
Raj maddy
2 years ago
bro I guess you are biased here bcoz you see India with capitalist eyes ... India has enough resources to feed every mouth...but not enough to fulfill once greed. Money is needed to make more money. Those who are rich 1% are not rich becuase of their hard work...but middle class and poors working for them, capitalists are making fool of aam janta. For capitalists poor men' s life doesnt matter, what matters is there should not be any reduction in their wealth. On the name of growth and development you oppose taxation. Taxation is only a tool for bring equal distribution of wealth, but do you know how much of that taxed income reach to needy people. Common man work so hard, but still cant get food properly. This is nothing but a modern day slavery. You talk about doubling the income..then what you think price of common goods will not get increase? ever rising inflation is the result of cornering of wealth by few elites. Why can not wealthy people develop a sense of compassion and sharing among fellow Indians, why so much greed, tendency of capitalisation by present govt is increasing day by day. Fact is that, you are creating a platform for another chaos and revoltion in this country. Increasing unemployment, exploitation of common man leading to frustration in them. Unequal distribution of resources is the real cause of poverty in india. and poverty is the cause of most of the crimes in india. If you wish to make prosperous future make sure to bring socialism in the country. Do away with your greed of driving economy by profit motive alone bcoz it will increase animosity bw rich and poor.
Makrand Chauhan
2 years ago
WOW! Nice countering his argument, Raj Maddy..!!
Makrand Chauhan
2 years ago
WOW! Nice countering his argument, Raj Maddy..!!
Raju Bjc
2 years ago
"capitalists are making fool of aam janta"...By Raj Maddy...I ask you one single question...Are they,aam janta, fools, to get fooled?...If yes, aren't they humanbeings belonging to homosapiens who are same as of richy guys...If no, they can do things for themselves.
Change the pattern of education to skill based instead of exam based. Indian schools have created parrots over the years. Like china one sector should be focused at a time. For instance, we have better plantation we need to gorw different crops to fulfill global demand. Be a global seller of vegetables. China focused on agriculture first then came in factories and everyone there takes orders to build led panels. How everyone in china moved to hardware industry so fast needs to be studied and teached in schools. cause in the mean time china will rule over everything.
I am exasperated by looking at the figures of income inequality. It's the onus of have's to help out have nots. At least in sectors like healthcare and education. Taxing the super rich can be the solution, but the super rich find way out to evade taxes. Let me remind here a point, this was the same case with land when we got independence, the tillers didn't own any land, so many leaders across country participated in processions for movement called 'land to the tiller'. This also paved the way for commencement of Naxalwad movement which originated from the village named Naxalbadi. I am afraid if something of this kind happens if case of wealth/incomes.
it's really shocking but it's the reality of our country and God know how we are going to survive if it keeps on increasing soon poor in India will die due to starvation and government should take note of this situation rather than introducing a new scheme everyday becoz it's not going to help they should focus more on the labour class and the south called billionaires should be made accountable to pay taxes then only this imbalance can decrease no doubt inequality will prevail but at least there can be little improvement so that poor in India can atleast have the hope to survive.
This made me think that we all have very little or may I say negligible wealth when compared to super rich. How can I share this video on whats app?


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