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Oldest ancient civilizations!
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Learn about a few oldest ancient civilizations and their specialities.

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Daily Trivia

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sir I have a doubt that Rajasthan is the 2nd or 3rd state that pass the bill to death penalty for culprits. plz sir clear my doubt coz when I read the hindu newspaper there it mentioned 2nd state after MP.
Miss Study Lover
2 years ago
child rapist culprits
Rishabh phour
2 years ago
hmmm.... u r ryt
Ranjeet Singh
2 years ago
Ankit U
2 years ago
2nd State after MP with similar punishment but Rajasthan came with more clarity....they have incorporated the section 377 AA or 377 DD
Miss Study Lover
2 years ago
yes I know #adrit but JV sir analysis tell us dat Rajasthan is the 3rd state after MP, Haryana.
Ankit U
2 years ago
2 years ago
Haryana also amended the IPC in the same case recently. Hindu figures are wrong
Nitin Mehta
2 years ago
Haryana has only suggested but not passed the bill yet.
Subtitles or written type of format in video would make it best
A lot of thanks mam
  1. Ancient civilizations

  2. Mesopotamian civilizations

  3. Extensive use technology, art literature

  4. Indus Valley Civilization

  5. etration Tikely ended e CHate change The c

  6. Ancient Egyptian civilization

  7. Mummification i1

  8. Pyramid of Khufu at Giza

  9. Mayan Civilization

  10. Elaborate calendar system

  11. Xia Dynasty

  12. Acropolis