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Why can't we afford to lose the Rainforest?
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Learn why we cannot afford to lose the Rainforest and how beneficial it is and how it affects climate change.

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## Rainforests ## :: Area must receive rainfall of atleast 80inches a year. an inch or more everyday. :: Most plant and animal life live on Canopy than on Ground. :: 50% life found in Rainforests. :: Amazon Rainforest is the largest of all. :: Lungs of Earth :: Absorb 15% of CO2 worldwide. :: CO2 cycle and H2O Cycle...nutrient cycle too. :: Every year, a section of rainforests size of NewJersey state has been destroyed. :: Upon Rainforest destruction, land converts into Desert/Barren lands. :: Not just in Climatic perspective but humanitarian perspective too, we should conserve Rainforests.
Topic like cosmology, biography, human physiology, biodiversity, major diseases
I just love to hear you and you explained each and every thing very easily thank you so much and have a good day
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  2. THE LUNGS of Earth'

  3. The Rainforest has Diverse population of plants and animals

  4. Amazon Rainforest The largest rainforest in the world is the South America

  5. Why can't we afford to lose THE RAINFOREST?

  6. CO2 CO2 CO2

  7. Home to a lot of endangered animals

  8. Water cycle Heavy daily convectional rainfall intercepted by tree canopy Ground is protected from the heavy rainfall The Rainforests help maintain the water cycle by producing large amounts of rainfall every year Nutrient cycle Decaying vegetation quickly becomes nutrients Shallow tree roots take up nutrients

  9. Every year a section of rainforest the size of the state of New Jersey is destroyed

  10. Every year a section of rainforest the size of the state of New Jersey is destroyed Loggers Developers and Businessmen Miners

  11. Deforestation of tropical Rainforest also releases more carbon into the atmosphere annually than the exhaust from all vehicles combined. CO

  12. So are trying to save THE RAINFOREST?

  13. Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, 1988-2015 35000 30000 Peaked in 2004 25000 20000 15000 Dropped in 2011 10000 5000 MONGABAY.COM