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What if you didn't drink water!
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Find out what happens to our body if we stop drinking water.

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Renjit P S
a year ago
Very good
I have not drank water for months...but I am alive...????
Rakesh Gupta
2 years ago
jokes of year????
Vj v
2 years ago
so u drank beer instead????????
Aakash Malik
2 years ago
I was on a whole milk diet plan
Rahul Yadav
2 years ago
very important video that was thank you for providing such a video. The fear of consequences will lead me to drink more and more water from now....THANKS
ohh i knew it.. great I am having a habit to drink a plenty of water
summer day we need to drink more water thank u mam
  1. Consumption f water

  2. 100% H20 - 60% Average adult human body 0% BODY WATER LEVEL vector epS10

  3. Dehydration

  4. Adversely affects your mental pen ormance

  5. Impairs yourhand-eve motor coordmation

  6. tiredness

  7. Makes you light-headed or gives you a headache

  8. Makes you irritable or more aggressive

  9. When you stop drinking water for 1 day

  10. When you sto drinking water for 3 days

  11. When you stor urinking water : for 1 days