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A little about twins!
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Get to know a few interesting facts about twins.

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Daily Trivia

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sir ! you have started function directly . where is set and relation
Nitish Bhardwaj
a month ago
For calculus portion we have to cover funtion first...bcz set and relation are different chapters as compare to fuction by jee perspective😊.....i am going to cover those mains oriented topics as well topics
Pk Kharai
a month ago
ok.. thank you sir !!
The record holders information was amazing.. came to know about them for the very first time
Today I got to know about myself...and about my bro as well thanks...
good is easily understandable.....through am many things....
you should update on daily dose like internet Facebook
through this am learing many things...
  1. TWINS

  2. Identical Twins

  3. Fraternal Twins

  4. Only 2% of the world's population are twins

  5. And it's increasing up-to 75 percent

  6. A woman in her thirties IS more likely to have twins

  7. Twins start bonding inside the mom's belly

  8. Interact socially with each other just hours after birth

  9. There are risks involved n multiple births

  10. And the mom's also at risk

  11. First Twins CO

  12. Tallest Twins