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The history behind logos
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Learn about the interesting history of logos and how the ancient practice of communicating identity visually is still being followed by businesses in today's world.

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Great info on overview of logo-design's time-stamp
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  2. Humans have been identifying objects, places and groups using various emblems and signature marks for thousands of years.

  3. Humans have been identifying objects, places and groups using various emblems and signature marks for thousands of years. Communicating identity visually

  4. DEAS These days businesses carefully design logos to represent themselves.

  5. Between the years 70,000 BC and 7000 B

  6. Hieroglyphics By ancient Egyptians - 4th millennium BC

  7. 23 30 19 18 17 1991 BO Grids started appearing in Egyptian carvings and imagery 13 This development was important to logo design, because it ensured that an artist effectively maintained proportion and ratios. It also guaranteed a uniform reproduction of the same design 12

  8. Innovation of the printing press With the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440 the production of printed materials became more common which set the stage for modern logo designs.

  9. JQumb. 2go The London Gazette From ondap, Augut 24. to Thurlda?, Auguft 27. 1668. Plymonths Auu barians were forced to quit the Eigh with much d mage and a confiderable lofs of men. : Turks had raifed their B N Wednefiday laft Newspapers indirectly accounted for the ilig by which the? mitch ob- Ye erday in the morning Sir Thom Allen with 1fruAai .ha Etsy of all fhips into the Town, and by their the Fleet under his command way logos are designed rks fo ialighined the Port all the night, that this Port to the Weftwards, ony te Lopara tneir anon:ers could without difficulty difcover any fhips came in here, intending to put to fea again with that endeavou:'d toget in. The Cardinals Palace at Florence is preparing for the Deal, Aug. 22. Yefterday a Danifh fhip of about 6o Tuns Entertainment of Queen Chritina of swedeland, who is the rft fair wind. laden with Deals, Fagots, and fome Skins, bound for Ion expeed there in Ofober next. donran on ground upon the Norjfnd-kest ne r the Ceednice Hug. 17. Tte Senate have thoughr fr to make

  10. 1800's With the onset of the industrial revolution not only did the face of industries change but the printing technologies also evolved leading to better design and printing of logos. 0

  11. Industrial revolution Increase in the middle class and disposable income

  12. ndustrial revolutionIncrease in the middle class and disposable income increase in spending increase in retail marketing

  13. Pierre de Coubertin designed the iconic Olympic flag

  14. 1956

  15. Computer Generated imagery

  16. 20th Century LOGO DESIGN