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What if you never slept?
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In this bytes video find out what would happen if you never slept. Also find out the effect that sleeplessness would have on your brain and on your body.

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how to clear doubt
hello...there.... its good to know the things that you have mentiined in the videos that people usally done with their daily life. can you please make a video on , that how can we improve our brain performance and its retaining power and many more...and mainy how to stay focussed on particular thing at a time. Thanks
how much sleep required for a sports person?
Anju Arya
2 years ago
10 to 12...for spots person
Sushant Karan
2 years ago
believe it or not bro but the quality of sleep matters more than the quantity of sleep
how to control owen mint because don't make focus on study time n how to do meditation .plz say various meditation type i could choose which one part. plz plzplz say something
Nibedita nath
2 years ago
go for rajyoga meditation.
amazing, अगर कोई अधिक सोये तो इसके क्या side affect हैं।
Deepak Kumar
2 years ago
first side effect- mummy ki chappal ???????? 2nd- less time for your work
I have this sleeplessness arises occasionally and automatically it major problem..plz help me to take a sound sleep.

  2. Sleeplessness affects neural functions

  3. Tucinations Paranoia Sleep Deprivation psychosis

  4. 2 DAY

  5. Human brain loses 25% of brain's performance with just lacks of 24 hours of sleep

  6. Lack of 40 hours of sleep

  7. Prevents our brain from making new memories

  8. Beta Amyloid

  9. Beta Amyloid Alzheimer's

  10. So our brain has a sewage system of it's own.

  11. So our brain has a sewage system of it's own. When we go to sleep, that's when it starts working.

  12. Too much of beta amyloid build up in.brain due to lack of sleep


  14. SLEEP and CANCER are strongly related

  15. How long can a human body last without sleep before our brain and body functions start to decline?

  16. 16 hours

  17. 8 hours of sound sleep