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What is Depression?
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Find out the causes of depression and how common it is.

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Harsh Sharma
2 years ago
Hey Sakshi..Most of the lessons maine hindi mein hi banaye hai.
Depression= deep session, devoting to much time on thinking something negative in general..
can explain how can produce or generate the production of "serotonin" by naturally . i mean what vegetables or fruits can help us to increase serotonin .
Gat knowledge
2 years ago
do some intense workout for at least 30 min. you will feel new energy in brain.
peroxetine cr medicine
mam, I have an ocd, can you please suggest me the way outs. some times I could control it and some times not, it is fluctuating frequently and I am not able to maintain it long.
Gagarin S
2 years ago
brother...try out Yoga and Pranayaam...
Thanks mam, can u plz make a video differentiating anxiety n depression.
  1. Are you depressed?

  2. 300 million people worldwide Suffer from depression

  3. What is Depression ?

  4. Depression Isolation Thoughts of death No appetite Sadness No energy Symptoms Sleep disturbance Guilt Anger Dependence No concentration Depression does go with a few symptoms

  5. Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed

  6. Insomni Depression Fatigue 99) 03:C4

  7. Chemical imbalance in the brain

  8. Seratonirn

  9. Seratonirn 'Feel good' hormone

  10. Responsible for controlling memory and emotions HIPPOCAMPUS

  11. ,'.meneurons part.0f..t the brain starfdegemer ting

  12. Reward Weaker connection

  13. Seeking professional help