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Unesco world Heritage sites - India (Part 1)
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Learn about the Unesco world Heritage sites in India and a brief history related to them.

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1. Painting of Martin Luther posting "The 95 Theses", c. 1871. 2. Jahangir Embracing Shah Abbas. During a period of uneasy détente with Shah Abbas, the Safavid king of Iran, Jahangir dreamed the two rulers embraced—but in reality they never met. To proclaim the Mughal emperor’s superiority, the artist Abu’l Hasan cleverly manipulated symbols of sovereignty. The globe, which represents earthly rule and alludes to Jahangir’s name (World Seizer), becomes the stage for his disingenuous bear hug of the smaller, less opulently dressed shah. His lion mount even nudges the shah’s lamb back towards Iran. 3. Tokugawa Ieyasu was the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan, which effectively ruled Japan from the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 until the Meiji Restoration in 1868.
Impressively detailed, and absolutely correct. Well done!
Please change INDIA map that you showed will starting - PoK and AOC it is just dispute area this that not mean india giveup those lands. It is our territory plz respect it.
Shahid Ahmad
2 years ago
Dear she is not brainwashed by corporate media channels like others, she is saying truth
Pavan Kumar
2 years ago
Dear the Real truth is that India is in Defensive mode if it shelf to Attack mode then no other So-called neighbor countries can behave like that...
mam all of these are UNESCO world heritage sites of India ????????? wow I have visited 3 of them but never knew this fact about them . thanks alot mam. btw what is the year in the pics signifies? is it the year in which they're conferred with 'unesco's world heritage site' ?
it's not the first instance u have a flawed India map..This is not expect from a series called itself knowledge bites..put up an apology..It's not good mam..
Awesome ma'am.... But plz don't use such images which doesn't respect our sovereignty.... Plz ma'am its second time.... there are so many maps are available
Dear team, thanks for the video. But please change the India's Map, as Kashmir is an Intergrated part of India.
  1. UNESCO World Heritage Sites INDIA

  2. AGRA FORT 1983

  3. AJANTA CAVES 1983



  6. Victoria Terminus 2004

  7. Churches of Goa 1986

  8. Elephanta Caves 987

  9. Fatehpur Sikri 1986 ,-ME

  10. Living temples of Cholas 1997 2004

  11. Monuments of Mahabalipuram 1984

  12. Hill forts of Rajasthan 2013