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Mysterious temples of India!
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Learn about a few mysterious temples in India, about what makes them special and a bit of history associated with them.

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excellent notes.this is helpful for all kind of competitive aspirants . thank you sir for upload this .
Sanjib Das
a year ago
chk my another videos as well .. Thank you so much & plz share with your friends ❤❤
madam, you missed the Brihadeeswarar temple Tanjore, Tamilnadu. it was built on 1004-1010AD by Raja Raja Chola-1. it contains single stone which weighed 80tonnes at the peak of Gopura , (Gopura height around 200 feet) totally built by granites. but there was no evidence of granite vicinity around 100kms from Tanjore, & Meenakshi sundaresawarar temple of Madurai contains a drawing of Ozone layer which depicted 700 years before, our ancient people were aware about ozone layer before centuries ago.. Ministry of Environment was adviced to visit this Temple by National Green Tribunal
Nice piece. However, all that was told about the Jagannath Temple Puri is not true though they are available on the internet. Further, I belong to Odisha and it's still a mystery why people still spell Odisha as Orissa!!
Jaykant Jadav
2 years ago
lepakshi pillar is also no more a mystery.
Colonial hangover. People still call Mumbai 'Bombay', Bengaluru 'Bangalore', Yog 'Yoga' and all other irritating pronunciations like Shivaa, Ganeshaa
create a course on today's lessons
recommend to those who dont believe that there is a God in Hindus.
science is nothing but a sustainable development of the knowledge by the constant efforts. still there are many things which u could not explain using ur usual knowledge. i. e. nothing but a mystery.
  1. Mysterious temples

  2. They are not only beautiful but were mysterious.

  3. Kailasa temple Ellora

  4. single rocK carved

  5. Temple was cut from the top down in a U-shape form

  6. where did all of the rocks go? 209

  7. Konark Sun temple

  8. Twelve pairs ofwheels located at the iase of the temple

  9. The Sun's rays would reach the temple

  10. Weerabhadra Temple Lepakshi

  11. It has around 70 pillars

  12. However one corner pillar in the hall does not rest on the ground

  13. Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum, Kerala

  14. It can be opened by Sadhus who can chant The Garuda Mantra

  15. No sign of birds flying above th agannatn temple

  16. you can hear whiSper of 0cean

  17. More temple are yet to be discovered