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First Indian company on NASDAQ
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Find out a few facts about the first Indian company on NASDAQ

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sea water is homogeneous mixture or Hetrogenous mixture?????????
Don't know about NASDAQ .
Abhijeet Mohite
2 years ago
NASDAQ is a name of stock exchange of U.S.A like BSE & NSE in India.
Prem Verma
2 years ago
Thank u abhijeet
Thanks a lot for updating us about Infosys Which is listed in Nasdaq...
1st viewer but donot understood properly.....
Please Make in Hindi also
good one. thank you..
  1. Infosys was the first Indian company listed on NASDAQ

  2. INFOSYS Software development Software Maintenance Independent Validation Services

  3. Business Consulting Information Technology Outsourcing Services INFOSYS 1u

  4. Second largest IT companies by 2017 revenues Segment Revenue Telecom 9.90% Energy & Utilities 5.00% Others 6.40% BFSI 33.50% Transport & Logistics 2.00% Healthcare- 2.00% Life Sciences 4.60% Retail & CPG 14.10% Manufacturing 22.40%

  5. Infosys was established by 7 engineers in Pune in 1981

  6. Infosys was registered as Infosys Consultants Private Limited on July 2, 1981

  7. Intosys 1983 Infosys Bangalore 1u P PARIBAS


  9. ,20) =18.1717 .BB.Avg(C.20) =17.4700 .B8.Btm(C.20) =16.7683 .MMAV(CS) =17.5211 "MACD Buy = n/a MACD Sell r/a "Vol =16,203,100 .Buy Vol 17.300 Sel Vol #9,431,600 ATO/ATC =1,954,200 Buy/Sell Volume Analyss 1 EE Infosys had the costliest share on the market at that time "STOM.%D =-11. 1999 Stochastic Momentum(7 erage Convergence/Divergence(CLOSE6,129)ale Line) MACD(26,12,9)0.2380 Signal-0.3316 VLINE #0.0000 1 NVDR

  10. NASDAQ IS T E D Among the 20 biggest companies on NASDAQ

  11. Infosys 200,364 employees worldwide as of 2017 36% women

  12. Infosys 200,364 employees worldwide as of 2017 79% software professional