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How Digital Wallets work?
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In the bytes video learn about how digital wallets work and how they are transforming the ways we pay for things these days.

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9 guru ji 9 no wala glt ho gya
Mahesh Mishra
a year ago
Very good☺️👌💐
simplified demonstration on digital wallets.....well explained
Mam ur videos r too gud n clear.. It's upto the mark.. Plzz make a video on ROLES N POWER OF IAS OFFICER....... Coz v knew about UPSC upto the preparation and examination. But, what happen after selection, wat does the IAS officer do in their office.?
make a video on Elon he achieved that success..thank you
Unacademy Bytes
2 years ago
Hi Manoj, it's already there in either part 1 or part 2 of the course. please check
can you please provide us vth more information it was good but needed more info vth examples if possible
Can you make another detailed video on what is the working of digital wallets?I mean how actually they work?

  2. A digital wallet is a transformation in the way you pay for things. Co 0

  3. 85 percent of transactions across the globe are still based on cash and checks

  4. To combat theft, simplify your finances the digital wallet came to existence. and

  5. Many digital wallet services work through apps on your smartphone. Digital Wallet EDIT CARD 678 PAY

  6. At the supermarket, for instance, you might simply tap your phone to a compatible check-out register to pay instantly Digital Wallet EDIT CARD 12345678 PAY

  7. A digital wallet is based on encryption software 12:00am 100% Moblie Wallet PAY

  8. chants benefit because they're more protected against fraud and they sell more products, faster. 12:00am 100% Moblie Wallet PAY

  9. A smartphone digital wallet will help you pay for stuff, but it will also store your concert tickets, bus and subway passes and gift cards. ONLINE BOOKING HOTEL BOOKING TICKET BOOK ONLINE TICKETS BUY NOW

  10. DIGITAL WALLET Client-sideServer-side

  11. DIGITAL WALLET In a server-side wallet, the company supporting the digital wallet maintains your e-wallet account on their servers Server-side

  12. but then also through a specific payment app, and finally, the source of the payment, such as your bank or PayPal account. 80% loading