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The tragic death of our former Prime Minister
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In this bytes video get remembered of one of our forget prime ministers who had a tragic death on this day.

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Sir what is the difference between stolon and runner
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2 years ago
In runner whole branch grows laterally and arch in air and then it grows... But in runner at every short interval roots arise at nodes
great failure of our foreign policy which under estimate the regional sentiments..
Please make a VIdeo on..... What happened if we fix the prices of all commodities in india?
very saddest moment for our country
mam make video on bahubali movie
  1. May 21, 1991 Assassination of Raiiv Gandhi

  2. Pattabiram Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India, while conducting an election campaign in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu was assassinated by a suicide bomber azarethpett on 21 May 1991 Porur Kilcheri Gerugamakkam Mangadu Sriperumbudur uthur Polichalur Pammal Pallavaram Virudhachalam Tambaram HO Kandur Sriperumb d r Tambaram Manimangalam SR-45 M I L N A D U Kanchipuram

  3. This tragedy was blamed on the members of the Sri Lankan militant organization, LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam).

  4. Rajiv Gandhi hailed from a hard-core political family. Both, his grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru, and mother Indira Gandhi held the Prime Minister's office for several terms.

  5. After completing his education abroad, he married an Italian woman, Maino, who later came to be called Sonia.

  6. CC SE On returning home, he started helping his mother, working alongside Congress Party members.

  7. Rajiv Gandhi's prime minister-ship was abrupt and he had to take his mother's position after her assassination. He although, faced various riots and disturbances in the country, and was criticised for a number of decisions and financial transactions,

  8. The Bofors Scam

  9. rs. Rajiv Gandhi, in an interview in 1990, had announced that if he took over the government he would send the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to "disarm the LTTE.

  10. This is believed to have prompted the LTTE leader, Prabhakaran, to find a way to stop Rajiv to come into power.

  11. One of the women, later, came close to him to greet and garland him. As she bent down to touch Rajiv's feet, she pulled the trigger around her waist that detonated the RDX bomb she was wearing