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Death of the 4th prime minister of India
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Learn about the life of Morarji Desai - the fourth prime minister of India on his death anniversary which is today.

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Israel knew that Pakistan was preparing its Nuclear program they decided to destroy it but need some technical support from india which Desai rejected it. He gave details of RAW agents in Pakistan to Zia Ul haq and our agents were haunted in Pakistan. He reduced budget of RAW and dismantled it. He is a traitor.
Excuse me mam fourth prime minister of india is indira Gandhi not desai. Plz dont give wrong information
Thank you , for pointing out his shortcomings in the last but his mistakes were not somewhat controversial but blunders for indian state like this statementof his-"General , what are upto in kahuta (in the context of pak nuclear plan)".... .....BTW i'm loving this newinterface.
Milk revolution is most beneficial to the bpl families in India, they are becoming self sustained. It is glad to hear now the country is in top first position in milk production.
mam pls make a video on the benefits of yoga for health

  1. Born in Bhadeli, Gujarat on the 29th of February, 1896

  2. Major proponent of the Civil Disobedience Movement

  3. Proposed that Mumbai become a Union Territory due to it's cultural diversity

  4. Quit the Congress Party to form Congress (O)

  5. INDIAN EXPRESS SAREES Ushnak mal madan La Countdown for poll on: President issues order Janata Party assures Accord with CPM bread and liberty Promise to end poverty in decade Beeal Morarji Desai became the first non Congress Prime Minister of India

  6. Relations with China improved for the first time since the war of 1962

  7. The Janata Party coalition was full of frictioin

  8. Morarji Desai pioneered India's Nuclear Progr am

  9. Desai's government promoted social, health and administrative reforms

  10. For a while, Desai was the world's oldest living former head of government

  11. Attributed his longevity to Urine Therapy