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A tribute to Stephen Hawking
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Get to know about the achievements of one of the greatest physicists of our generation.

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mam dog wale question me answer c and d dia hai ugc ki offical answer key me par hardly word aata hai toh some not ka case banta hai
Navdeep Kaur
7 months ago
some not hota h official ans key dekhiye
Aditya Mishra
7 months ago
yes mam dekha apke logic clear h ugc ke answer me galti h shayd
Navdeep Kaur
7 months ago
konsa ques kh rhe ho konse yr ka m chck krti hu bcz recent ans keys correct h syllogism ki
the man who proved disability is not inability. He truly deserves the NOBLE PRIZE.
Dear Mam Please Make in HIndi also its a request
"the man who proved disability is not inability" He truly deserves the NOBLE PRIZE.
RIP, Hawking sir, another genius mind might have born today somewhere in the world.
Had professor Stephan ever been awarded with any award if not noble... RIP Stephan...
  1. What's going on around the world?

  2. Very few people make effort to dig out The mysteries of nature and science

  3. Stephen William Hawking

  4. Stephen William Hawking A theoretical physicist

  5. STEPHEN HAW HISTORY OF T BANG TO BLACKH0 TIME My LACK HOLES Sfinte My first popular book, 'A Brief History of Time,' aroused a great deal of interest, but many found it difficult to understand BRIEF HISTOR Stephen Hawking

  6. Stephen went to the University College Oxford tf

  7. in Mathema the of In ation Stephen then went to Cambridge to do research in COSMOLO

  8. Since 1979 Stephen Hawking held the Lucasian Professorship 2 to

  9. In his third year at Oxford, he was diagnosed with ALS T BREAK

  10. In his third year at Oxford, he was diagnosed with ALS He used a computer voice simulator program 'Equalizer' to com unicat T BREAK

  11. Hawking Radiation virtual pair horizon- Hawking particle Black Hole 0

  12. Jan 1942 March 2018