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The origin of English Language
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Find out more about the interesting story behind the origin of English Language

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mam plz..test series b jaise py papers solve krati h .waise kryie naah
a year ago
Soon Neha :) Currently I'm working on 2 other subjects :)
Payal gaba
a year ago
ok mam..unme explanation hti jdya help milti h jdya cncpts clr hte h
a year ago
Bilkul , umne explanation hogi :) aur m commerce ke paper complete krne ke baad inki explanation provide kr dungi :)
Payal gaba
a year ago
ok mam
English language is one of the worst scientific language. I did detail analysis on English language but at the end I found its grammar are science less.
mam plz make video on ugc net English literature
mam plz make video on ugc net English literature
Thanku very much for this MAM.
hiiii its a great video
  1. The origin of ENGLISH LANGU A GE

  2. relatTU point of vie English [ing The English we speak today is very different from the original version of the language. language spok arnd

  3. North Friesland Its region and location North Friesland soiles He Holstein East Friesland Friesland Wese Holland German Belgium Frisianis a language spoken by approximately half a million people in the Dutch province of Friesland

  4. Anglo-Saxon Kingdom Picts e. 700 AD Germanic Tribes Angles, Saxons, Jutes eichesterEAST CANCLIA ndo Bath To anterburye WESSEX We

  5. English language Old English 450 1100 AD Middle English 100 1500 AD Mordern English Since 1500 AD

  6. This is why one can spot so many similarities between German and English GERMAN ENGLISH

  7. The arrival of St. Augustine in 597 and the introduction of Christianity into Saxon England brought more Latin words into the English language

  8. The language then went through a few transformations in the years 1100 to 1500. The language was widely spoke in Britain and was influenced heavily by French due to the geographical proximity of the two countries

  9. Magna Carta The English charter that completelp changed how 1 monarchp tontrolleb the law and gave people rights back As the Feudal period came to an end and Magna Carta was signed (freeing the Serts), the language spread to the corridors of the noblemen

  10. The letter V was adopted, bringing the total letters in the alphabet to 26, which is the modern day alphabet N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

  11. Modern English 1500 Auxillary verbs Auxillary phrases William Shakespeare