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Part 2 - What our country is famous for!
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This video is a continuation of the video 'what India is famous for'. Find out about the specialities of some more states in India.

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tq for information tq soo much
None of the states of north east India was included in either of the videos. Why is this discrimination?? they also houses a lot of speciality be it the culture..the history.. the historical monuments..most importantly the natural beauty. I request you to include the north eastern states along with the mainland India. India is not complete without its north east..
S M Koley
a year ago
trueee absolutely
Pooja yadav
a year ago
why no North eastern States ???
Rahul Ranjan
a year ago
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Rahul Ranjan
a year ago
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Rahul Ranjan
a year ago
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why northeast states are not included? they are also part of India and also famous for its uniqueness.
plz make a video on separatist movement in India .
don't tell as movement
but nice topic you have selected
why ? but it is movement in all over India .
why ? but it is movement in all over India .
according to our constitutional autochtony any state not treat as separatist as it is significant part of our country...
separatist protest are only futile arrangements for their political career nothing else
so I just want to study this whole process . so plz suggest any material for same . I am not well aware about it .
how cheap, do you have that idea that north east is not a part of India , without north eastern states this India doesn't complete and even this video , if u have made this video about the frames of India add about north east too
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