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Preventive measures for cancer
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Learn about a few preventive measures for cancer.

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I've just watched 'What the health' on Netflix and I'm freaking out. Can you make a video on plant based diet that teaches us how and what to eat to meet our daily requirements? And in your lesson 'Is dairy scary?' you did not discuss the alternatives properly. Like if I substitute cow milk with soy milk internet says that it can develop hormonal imbalance in my body. What should we do? PLease educate us on our dietary preferences. (A diet plan for aspirants who spend a sedentary lifestyle would be great!) Thanks a lot!
Also try to not to live in capital of India or any big cities. Carcinogens like Benzene may cause lung cancer.
mam cancer ke starting symptoms ke bare main bhi batadijie...kyunki longon ko bhut late pata lag pata Hai cancer ka
Thanku mam.. plz make a video on prevention of other lifestyle diseases like diabetes
Thanks Unacademy team for this preventive measures for cancer..
  1. HAVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Will help you avoid cancer

  2. Filtering tap water before consuming it will reduce your exposure to carcinogenic chemicals

  3. id Processed, charred or well done meat VOI

  4. Coffee lovers have 40% decreased risk of brain cancer

  5. Drink plenty of water Reduces the risk of bladder cancer by diluting the concentration of cancer- causing agents/n urine and helping to flush them through the bladder faster.

  6. Choose-the darkest greens

  7. Just 1/2 cup cooked spinach provides 75 mg of magnesium

  8. Snack on Brazilian nuts Source of Selenium Source of antioxidants

  9. Mammograms with breast density of 75% or above have a breast cancer risk of 4-5 times more

  10. Limit your cell phone use

  11. Blue and red fabric offer better protection from Sun's UV rays

  12. 0%of au.cancen dei th is because of obesity and being overweight

  13. Brisk wallk Moderate exercise Reduces chances of breast cancer by 18%

  14. Pickled food

  15. Canned food bampbdi Campbell Cream of Mushroom Chicken Noodle omato SOUP nk BUSH'S Salmon mpbelli Whole Kernel Traditional Style SPAM Granos de Ex E ans ABUMBLE BE Chunk Light Tuna

  16. Potato chips

  17. Hydrogenated ooil