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What is Cryptocurrency?
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In this Bytes video learn about what are cryptocurrencies and how do they work. Also learn about Bitcoin which is the world's first cryptocurrency.

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Unacademy user
good work by chirag jain and by team of unacademy
Maam, can you please make a video on AI - Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) how it works and it's effects on human in future .
Unacademy Bytes
2 years ago
Hi Sheelwant, a video on AI is already there in the first part of this course. This is the second part.
Sheelwant Gupta
2 years ago
Okay maam , i will see to it and thanks for your valuable reply.
Please make a video on in what basis Indian currency is printed by RBI
investing in Bitcoin is bad from my perspective as it's not centralised and it's just befooling government and make money without paying tax ...that's shamefool
please make a video on how to invest in share market and mutual funds please
Shashwat seth
2 years ago
you can check zerodha varsity, it will really help. Their material to study this is amazing!
now only i realize..this golden voice is TTS sad
Kartheek Sharma
2 years ago
what you are saying I didn't understand could please elaborate
SP Ananthan
2 years ago
daily dose ...presentation is created by using text to speech sw..heither to i thought that is human voice:):)
Dweepasha Bishal
2 years ago
Raju.y Ch
2 years ago
OMG her voice sounds soo humen
SP Ananthan
2 years ago
Kartheek Sharma
2 years ago
ohh is it it's really shocking
Dweepasha Bishal
2 years ago
how did you realize that ?
SP Ananthan
2 years ago
ji 10 days more..concentrate on studies:)
  1. Ethereunm Litecoin Bitcoin Ripple WHAT IS CRYPTOCURRENCY?

  2. Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currencies, alternative currencies and virtual currencies DIGITAL CURRENCY

  3. Cryptocurrencies use as opposed to centralized electronic money and central banking systems decentralized control

  4. BLOCK CHAIN Public transaction database o pa


  6. BITCOIN What is it? SELL

  7. Since then, over 1,800 cryptocurrencies have been created $22188 197.04 $4242 BTC Bitcoin ETH Ethereum LTC itecoin

  8. BITCOIN Bitcoin is a digital currency what we mean is it exists only electronically SELL

  9. How do Cryptocurrencies work?

  10. Do they even have a value?

  11. o0 10 1 0101 01 01 Cryptography

  12. Share Bitcoins betweern peer-to-peer network

  13. Unlike any video or song that you would like to copy and share, Bitcoin isn't just a string of data that can be easily duplicated.

  14. TB Blockchain is something that records every Bitcoin transaction that has ever happened.

  15. 0 The private key can take some data and mark it or sign it.

  16. When this signed message is sent out to the network, people can use the public key to make sure the signature matches. 0 The private key can take some data and mark it or sign it.

  17. Is investing in Cryptocurrencies a good idea?