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Find out all about what creativity actually is and what does it take to be creative. Also find out if creativity can be taught or learned.

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Thank you sir you are doing great work by providing guidence to the youth for better life. Great work, your lessons have motivated me alot. Keep going.
Well I don't really know whether I have ADHD or not but it's true that I am quite distracted and can't concentrate on anything I do for a long time( not even for an hour at a stretch) and I have been a victim of this since childhood till date. No meditation no astrological gem could help me. And for passion, well....I love imagining characters, stories.
How to increase memory and remember the things easily...
How to find passion within ourself and develop it??
Vaibhav Dounde
2 years ago
To find out your passion it is of utmost importance that you yearn for it. Try out different hobbies, learn vast number of things, try to be curious about things, and when you indulge yourself in so many activities you will slowly realise what your heart, or simply, what you, want the most. ????
Harsh raj
2 years ago
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I think we should first
Harsh raj
2 years ago
try out different hobbies then it will be possible to completely find. Thanks a lot.
Why India is lacking quality Education as a whole is there a requirement for a change in the education system of India
Yes there is lack of quality but not in education it is in the way they are implementing it .The main problem is still they are following the same syllabus provided by Britishers which is not use full for creative thinking but to just work according to their use.The syllabus provided by the education system should be updated according to our Indian mind set in creative manner.
post a video about upcoming India's bullet train project and rainbow or dispersion of light
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