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What is OCD?
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Get to know about what OCD is and what are its symptoms. Also find out how a person with OCD might behave differently from a normal person with almost similar traits.

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Nabanita Das
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Ignorance perhaps
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very helpful.. if possible please explain selective mutism. thank you
is it any reservation in upsc for tis type of disorders
Awesome :) Do you think meditation can help come over Disorders like OCD
obsessive compulsive disorders. person has doubt on himself so he recheck things again and again

  2. OCD can affect people of all ages

  3. Obsessions The OCD Cycle Relief Anxiety Compulsions

  4. 2.20% 13.30% No obsessive compulsive symptoms Obsessive compulsive symptoms not fulfilling OCD diagnosis Obsessive compulsive symptoms fulfilling OCD diagnosis 84,50%

  5. Object s to be in drdr 0

  6. Are you a victim of OCD?

  7. 1/ Are you?

  8. excessiVe doubt unwanted sexual thoughts extreme slouness with work or school acfivities exceggive cleaning fear of harming selffear of violating ear of ilness or death religious or moral ruleg fear of not doin comething just right Counting aviouRepeated hand a clean space washing constant rechecking rearranging items in a certain order fear of discarding things fe (fear of contamination Avoid a fear of losing or forgetting information praying obec 0r obsessions with exactness or constant need for assurance obsessions uonnoOS

  9. Unwanted thoughts Intrusive thoughts Images Urges


  11. Thoughts don't make sense Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  12. Obsessions are time consuming IT

  13. Obsession about getting sick

  14. Obsession about safety of loved one

  15. Obsession about putting on weight 121 12344 128 49 50 131 13051

  16. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have OCD