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Literacy in India
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Learn more about the literacy rate in India compared to the rest of the world and also find out what the literacy rate of some of our neighbouring countries are.

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Greenwich is pronounced as "Grin idge", not "green witch"...BTW awesome course
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oh I didn't know that .thanks for this information and correction ..and yes, for the appreciation too :)
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2 years ago
:) thank you too for all the wonderful're doing a great job...God bless you
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How come Sikkim is not there in the top 10 literate state in India? Some months ago,Sikkim was declared fully organic and literate state.
Ma'am yor chlice of daily topic is amezing. And your voice is supreb.Ma'am what is you name?
agar ye knowledge hindi me hoti to hindi wale bhi samajh pate hai
Are you also literacy rate as person can do his/her signature?
Mam data and fact ka source batiye plz !

  2. 25% of India is still illiterate

  3. LITERACY Is the key for socio economic progress in India

  4. 74% 12% 1947 2011 Indian Literacy Rate growth

  5. There is a wide gender disparity in the literacy rate in India

  6. There is a wide gender disparity in the literacy rate in India Effective literacy rates in 2011 were 82.14% for men and 65.46% for women

  7. Average ite of the world 84%

  8. literacy ate comparison meighbouri COUNTRY ADULT LITERACY RATE CHINA SRI LANKA MYANMAR INDIA NEPAL BANGLADESH PAKISTAN 36.4% 92.6% 93.1% 72.1% 64.7% 61.5% 58.5%

  9. Availability of schools in vicinity in rural areas Shortage of classrooms to accommodate all the students A B C E F G MNOP 2006-2007

  10. No proper sanitation in most schools 59% of the schools had no drinking water facility 89% of the schools have no toilets

  11. Article 45 of Constitution of Indi CONSTITUTION or INDIA The provision of universal and compulsory education for al children in the age group of 6-14 9904

  12. Chandigarh-86.05% Delhi-86.2% Daman & Diu-87.1% Mizoram-91.33% Tripura-87.2%, Goa-88.70% Andaman-86.63% Puducherry-85.85% Lakshadeep-91.85% Kerala-94%