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A famous day in Indian history
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In this video find out how the second nuclear tests of India conducted at Pokhran impacted the world and even our country.

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what would have happened if there were no human beings ever born on earth?
what would have happened if there were no human beings ever born on earth?
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  1. 10th May, 2008 "It was a very important decision on the part of the Indian Government to go for test explosion of nuclear devices on May 11, 1998."

  2. THE POKHRAN NUCLEAR TEST II 1. The urgency of finding new and sustainable energy and power resources, 2. Increasing the defense of the country (especially since Pakistan at that time was showing evidence of funding its advanced nuclear projects), 3. And making India a "respected country on the world stage". 95

  3. Nuclear projects in India began as early as 1944, when Homi Bhabha brought forth the importance of nuclear energy in front of the Indian Congress

  4. Studies begun in the 1950s, but nothing major happened for the next decade. It was after India realized that its neighbour, China was conducting nuclear tests, in early 1960s, that the government took the matter seriously

  5. Nuclear Scientist, Raja Ramanna is credited to have steered the still-nascent Indian nuclear programme into expanding its horizons into weapon development.

  6. THE SMILING BUDDHA The first test was conducted in May 1974, under the prime ministership of Indira Gandhi.

  7. A tribute to the Missile Man of India, S r APJ Abdul Kalam.

  8. Despite several international criticisms and pressure from the first world countries (especially US), it was Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao and later Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who encouraged the research and development of nuclear technology.


  10. World criticises Pakistan for nuclear tests nady Zyuganav, sald the Foreign Cook said the 15 EO tests were a British LONDON,Th leaders from Washington to Moscow Criticised urs- World by the World Bank, Inter. Fund and other international fi national Monetary Pakistan nations will be urgently result of the collapse of the today for testing nuclear nancial agencies after the Cold War propelling the Indi Pakistan's economy is against Pakistan further less robust than and similar deleine Albright, Cook and world is growing upi the sanctions Western officials said would be damaging. A spokesman for US North Atlantie leaded with Pakistani their Nato counterparts had just opened a two-day ceived word of the tests. United States, a united Eu- rope, Russia, China, India, will encourage sanctions were certain. ministers of the Or- meeting when they re Japan and so on," he said President Bill Clinton, who ganisation tests, and European Union In Moscow, Russian dep- many countries to show Minister Nawaz Sha off cials said their nations uty nuclear energy minis thetr capabilities in the nu rif last night not to carry would be considering sano ter Nikolai Yegorov sald clear sphere. This is very that Pakistan had conduct dangerous. We strongly condemn ed the tests in "retaliation Cook said in both Pakistan and India's to India's nuclear testingh out the tests, said Washing tions against Pakistan Islama- Britain and the The imposition of sanc nuclear tests which have Yegorov, in remarks were "dismayed" by Paki e urge Pakistan, along ty under profound Tass news agency said House the security of the region Michael and US law," said , Nato secre that the tests could not with India and other states general Ja y destabilise the region in the region The US cut off all non-hu a news conference dur but also damage the envi from further tests and the deployment of nuclear manitarian aid to India af ing a meeting of foreign ronment ter its tests and is trying to ministers from the 16 Nato The leader of Russia's weapons or 1 announcement last JUBILATION... night that Pakistan had Joined the nuclear weapons elite. Pakistanis celebrating s to India allies, . Communist Party. Gen siles," Cook said-AP Pakistan retaliated by conducting similar tests by the end of May, same year Apart from the adjoining countries, many of the economically stronger nations, like US and Japan, issued sanctions against India (and Pakistan), which included banning international loans and grants.