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Five greatest Indian empires of all time
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This lesson talks about the most powerful ancient empires which shaped the future of the Indian subcontinent.

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why did u stop such an awesome course. eagerly awaiting here. pls continue this course. Thank you.
Arundeep Karnati
2 years ago
I will continue this from March 1st
In voice much difference when compare to previous mam's. not comfortable to hear what is exactly sharing of knowledge in short period of time
speak loudly madam u sound very very low
Surprisingly, the most important and the greatest empire of India, the great mughals, are excluded!
2 years ago
i am agree with u
2 years ago
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2 years ago
anwar ali jinhe aan pasand thi vo qurban ho gaye...jinhe jaan pasand thi vo musalman ho gaye..
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plz dont be political......
Please have the earlier maam to do it.....please....
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  1. 5 greatest kingdoms in India of all time

  2. The Maurya Empire was the largest empire created by an Indian dynasty

  3. Chanakya, Chandragupta's minister, wrote a book advocating a strong, centralized, authoritarian state, The Arthashastra.

  4. Chandragupta's grandson, Ashoka, is famous for having embraced Buddhism

  5. The Kushan Empire was founded in the Bactria region of northern Afghanistan

  6. They controlled most of the Ganges valley and an arc that extended through Afghanistan and Central Asia into Xinjiang.

  7. Buddhism was converted into a state religion

  8. It was under Gupta rule that India enjoyed the height of its classical civilization

  9. The empire did a good job of keeping out invaders for two centuries

  10. The main achievements of the Guptas during this era of peace were artistic and intellectual

  11. Mahmud of Ghazni, an invader from Afghanistan, took away a lot of gold and demolished temples, sacked Kannauj in the early 11th century.

  12. The Cholas were famous for their maritime expeditions