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What is Alzheimer's?
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Learn more about this degenerative disease Alzheimer's and what it's symptoms are

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Thanks a million for your effort. Can''t thank you enough I know it's asking for too much but if you could make "A video on thyroid medical condition", it wii be a tremendous help.
I have epilepsy.. plz make video for epilepsy.
Aman Dixt
2 years ago
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Aman Dixt
2 years ago
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I have seen such types of symptom in one of my friend whose age is 34 years.
I have seen such types of symptom in one of my friend whose age is 34 years.
please Hindi language me b release kijiye
  1. Alzheimer's Disease

  2. Trouble with memory

  3. Inability to multitask

  4. Personality changes

  5. The brains memory centre

  6. Depression & distrust

  7. t's all to do with Genetics

  8. Chances increase as you age

  9. Almost guaranteed if a family member has it

  10. 40% higher chance in woman

  11. Preventive methods