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India's bullet train project
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Learn in detail about India's first bullet train project, and it's impact on the country's public transport infrastructure.

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sir english kaha milenge video
Khushbu buchcha
9 months ago
Content is in English. Kindly follow
amazing presentation mam ???????????? & one request from my side 'kindly make a video on a person who is having 'excessive sweating habit/problem & what are the impacts of it on our body & skin?
Mam as you told it work on Magnetic Levitation which is wheel less, but sorry mam it will not work on principle of magnetic levitation instead it work on OHE based system which collect current through pantograph and all coaches have wheel as conventional have. And whole track is not suspended in air which is a prior requirement for magnetic levitation, while it have only 30km route suspended in air and rest on ground.
discuss on electections in India as well as in other countries, is there any difference between India and other countries taking elections and rules of it?.......please response on it ASAP.
thanx a lot mam...overwhelmed...this video was in line with my previous comment at video no 63....
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2 years ago
hope this video helped you Aamir. keep watching
Why the USA has most of the biggest companies in comparison to other countries ???? Ma'am please discuss all the factors . please!!!!!!

  2. he Indian Railways carries the entire population of Australia everyday!

  3. GATIMAN EXPRES The fastest train that plys on Indian tracks is the Gatiman Express

  4. Bullet Train is the colloquial term or the nickname given to the first high-speed train of Japan Shikansen

  5. Bullet trains wll work on the technology of magnetic levitation

  6. Technological advantages: 1. High Speed 2. Aerodynamics

  7. The conventional tracks use rail ends connected with a bolted joint with a gap between for thermal expansion

  8. The proposed high-speed rail corridor starts from the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai and ends at Sabarmati Railway station at Ahmedabad

  9. An interesting fact to now is that there will be a seven kilometer stretch after Thane creek towards Virar which will go under the sea making it the first of its kind route in India

  10. 0o 10 1 O 10 10o 22 0 1 8631 180426080652 100 7153g1 22 4088716 979071708265 6218 6623026 1300 6 2464 1 83569708070263 00 01 078040917277 09 4875 07323 60 213387 0 1 600462P 1 834179 The total cost of the project is Rs. 1.1 lakh crore

  11. The luxurious business class coaches will have leg rest and luggage space

  12. Impact of Bullet Train project on India 1. High-speed connectivity 2. Employment 3. Urban expansion