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Economic impact of British Colonial rule!
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Find out how the British Colonial rule impacted the Indian economy during the 19th century.

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Hindi medium hone k karan understanding me problems hoti koi solution chahiye ? please!
Thanks ma'am video was good as usual... but "Concerns" about image used of India without J&K. Plz ma'am pay heed to such rigorous mistakes plz because this platform reach out to the masses.
British Raj can be compared to an attack of measles on a growing child. It made it weak, scrapped it of its health and left terrible scars, but it created an immunity to future attacks of this kind.
Samadhan Tangde
2 years ago
wow... pessimistic optimism
Gained knowledge. Thank you madam. But some of the words you pronounced were not clear. Thank you Unacademy.
Great Knowledgeable Lecturers in Beautiful Voice ..Thanks Mam
great job mam thanks ...last image makes me cry .....
  1. Economic impacv of British Colonial rule

  2. Ruin of artisans and Handicraftsmen

  3. Indian products found it more and more difficult to penetrate the European markets

  4. Indian products found it more and more difficult to penetrate the European markets After 1820, European markets were virtually closed to Indian exports

  5. Proposed Trunk Lines (shown in red Lord Dalhousie, 1853 RANDWAYS A SMI LAN. BALUCHISTAN The newly introduced rail network helped the European products to reach the remotest corners of the country NDIA RAL B A BE NG AL

  6. Impoverished Peasantry

  7. Permanent Settlement System

  8. Stagnation of Agriculture

  9. Commercialization of Indian agriculture ertain specialised crops began to be grown ot for consumption in the village but for sale in the national and even international markets.

  10. Later second of the 19th century Rush of foreign capital in India

  11. Ready markets abroad for Indian exports MAERS

  12. Famine & Poverty